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12th May 2015

Avocados: Have YOU been peeling them ALL WRONG?

Katie Mythen-Lynch

Avocados: they’re delicious, portable and packed with everything good, from skin and energy boosting B12 to eleven different heart healthy, cancer-fighting cartenoids.

But until now, you may have been throwing these nutrients in the bin with the skin because you’ve been peeling your avocados ALL WRONG.

Crate of Avocados

In a new video created by the American Chemical Society, experts explain that the part of an avocado with the most nutrients is the darker green part just beneath the skin. Using a spoon to remove this part of the fruit is a major no-no.

Most importantly, they reveal the secret to stopping your avocados from going brown and a genius tip for keeping guacamole fresh:

After mixing up your guac, cover it with a layer of water and store it in the fridge. When you’re ready to serve it, pour off the water and give the guac a good mix.