Better sleep: 5 things you need to ban from your bedroom according to an organisational expert 2 years ago

Better sleep: 5 things you need to ban from your bedroom according to an organisational expert

It seems we are all obsessed with sleep at the moment.

Which is interesting, as collectively, more and more of us are not getting nearly the amount of sleep we should be getting.

But we sure are hell-bent on chasing it, and hence, these days, there are apps and programs and journals and books and blogs and gadgets and gizmos all dedicated to ensuring we sleep better, longer and more peaceful.

But much as you might have adjusted the time you go to bed, the food you eat or drink before you go to bed and even what you sleep in – according to organizing experts, you might want to take a long, hard look at the room you go to bed in. "If you want to drift off quickly, and get a good night's sleep, your bed should remain a place for rest — and not much else," explains Bill Fish, a certified sleep science coach, to Bustle.  "Your bedroom should be treated as a sleep sanctuary, as our bodies are creatures of habit when it comes to both sleep routines and environments."

So what’s the secret to keeping your sleeping space peaceful and serene? According to decluttering experts, these five things should never be let through the bedroom door:

1. Tech

Yes, we know – it is all so tempting to get stuck into that Netflix marathon on your tablet. while you ar ein your pj's and in in your bed, but according to experts, technology in the bedroom is really better avoided.

“They emit blue light and EMFs, and are work or play equipment so should be kept in a work or play area,” advises decluttering expert Helen Sanderson. 


Why? Because blue light can supress the release of melatonin, the hormone that helps regulate our sleep/wake cycle.

In fact, if you want to get a good night's sleep, avoid looking at any type of screen once you've gotten into bed.

"Using your phone or computer when in bed stimulates the mind, effectively acting as a signal to keep you awake," Martin Reed, certified clinical sleep health expert and founder of Insomnia Coach, tells Bustle.

2. Papers and bills

I am forever trying to edit and file away piles of papers in my own home – at the moment, it seems like a rather neverending job, between work stuff and bills and art the kids bring home from school – I am drowning in papers.

However, it is not a good idea, it seems, to take this mess into the bedroom. Life admin, explains Sally Walford of Declutter Me, needs to be kept away from your sleep area.

"I never have paperwork or my computer in the bedroom,” Walford, who is a decluttering expert and author of The Declutter Monster, explains to Good Housekeeping. “I need to relax, and be in a calm environment.”

3. Things stored under the bed


Look, we can see the practicality of it, especially if you live somewhere lacking in great storage, but apparently, storing things under the bed is not great when it comes to your sleep and sense of relaxation in the bedroom. Maybe because although the floors have less clutter, you are still aware that all that stuff is there, just hidden under your bed.

Decluttering expert Vicky Silverthorn explains why drawers and boxes under the bed are a no-go for her. “I sleep better knowing there is clarity and a clear space below,” she explains. “So I purposely ordered a bed with no storage under it.

4. Books

Hang on a minute, we can't have screens and now you are saying there can't be books in the bedroom either?! Chill. You can keep a book or two nearby, like the ones you are reading at the moment. But don't use your bedroom as an area to store books that you have finished reading or can never get around to reading.

Stacks of books just gather dust, and decluttering expert Helen Sanderson says you are better off donating the ones you are finished with – or leave them on the shelf in your living area (or elsewhere).

5. Piles of clothing

Easier said than done, I know – I mean; I seem to always have piles of clean clothing that has been folded, but just need to be put away – that I move from my bed to a chair a god few nights in a row before I actually manage to put them away.

But I will admit that looking at the pile, it doesn't exactly fill me with calm.

“If you have an early start the next morning, you'll feel calmer if you have chosen your outfit and accessories,” says Beverly Wade, decluttering expert at Cluttergone.

“Put the clean clothes away straight away, put dirty ones in the laundry and ones being worn on a chair if you must – but only a few.”

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