Here is why children should wear sunglasses when outside in summer 2 months ago

Here is why children should wear sunglasses when outside in summer

We are all well aware at this stage that we need to protect our children's skin from the sun's harmful rays.

However, how rigid are you about also making sure to protect their eyes?

According to a study by The Vision Council, 42 percent of parents don’t make their children wear sunglasses when out in the sun – even though their eyes are exposed to the same harmful UV rays as their skin.

The thing is, though, your child’s eyes are more susceptible to damage from ultraviolet radiation than your own – yet we are often better at remembering sunglasses for our ourselves.

The crystalline lenses of children’s eyes transmit more UV radiation to the retina compared to the lenses of adults. In fact, the lenses of children under 10 years of age transmit 75 per cent of UV radiation to the retina, whereas the lenses of adults over 25 only transmit 10 per cent of UV radiation.

This, of course, makes your child’s eyes more vulnerable to damage from UV rays – and the only way to counteract this damage is to have your child wear sunglasses.

Damage to the eyes starts from childhood

When it comes to your eyes, cumulative damage to the retina, lens, and other parts of your eyes is irreversible.

Meaning, once the damage is done, it's done, and it can't be fixed. And this damage begins in childhood. In fact, studies show that you get approximately 80 per cent of your lifetime exposure to UV radiation before you reach the age of 20.

Children spend a lot of time outdoors, especially in summer, meaning, they are exposed to significant amounts of UV radiation, and one very easy way to help protect their eyes is making sure they wear sunglasses when outside on a sunny day.