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Children's health

22nd Aug 2023

Lidl has recalled its Playtive 3 in 1 Swing due to risk of injury, according to CCPC

Jody Coffey

Best to return it ASAP if you have one.

Lidl’s Playtive 3 in 1 swing has been recalled, according to the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC).

The risk presented by the product is ‘injuries’ as the seat of the swing can tilt forwards or backwards uncontrollably.

This could result in a child  child falling out of the swing and suffering from injuries in the form of possible fractures and concussion.

There are an estimated 738 affected of these Playtive products in the Republic of Ireland.

The item number for the this toy is 388000_2104. However, the model, batch number and barcode are unknown.

This swing was marketed for 3 age groups as it came with adjustable ropes with rings to grow with your child.

Before it was recalled, it was also suitable for 3-5 years by removing the front bar, for 6 months-3 years with front bar and 2 backrest settings, and for 5-8 years by removing the front bar and backrest.

If you have purchased this product, don’t worry.

If you bring it back to any Lidl store, you will be given a full refund, regardless of if you kept the receipt or not.

The only issue? Explaining to your little one why their swing is no longer part of the indoor furniture.

If you would like more information, Lidl’s customer service team can be contacted on 01 920 3010

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