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Children's health

11th Sep 2023

The symptoms of norovirus parents need to be aware of

Kat O'Connor

Norovirus cases are expected to rise in the coming weeks.

As the new school term begins, parents have been warned about the annual spread of norovirus.

It’s that time of year when your kids are coming home with sniffly noses, stomach bugs, and head lice.

It’s never a fun time for parents or kids, but being aware of the symptoms is key so you can treat these illnesses early on.

One illness that is bound to spread this autumn and winter is norovirus. The stomach bug tends to make its way into almost every home around this time of year, and it is not pleasant.

Not only does it spread easily, but it also makes it impossible to keep your house tidy, especially when it has infected more than one family member.

Doctors are urging parents to be aware of the symptoms of norovirus in a bid to stop the spread.

The symptoms of norovirus

According to the HSE, the main symptoms of norovirus are feeling sick, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Others may also experience headaches, a minor fever, painful stomach cramps, as well as aching limbs.

You or your child will start to present with symptoms one to two days after getting infected. The symptoms can last for up to three days, but most clear after two.

There is no cure for norovirus, but there are ways to soothe symptoms especially if you’re suffering from a fever or headaches.

You can give your child pain relief for the symptoms, but the main thing is to get plenty of rest. You also need to make sure they’re hydrated.

Bugs like this can leave children feeling dehydrated, especially if they’re frequently getting sick, but ensuring they’re drinking lots of fluids will help.

Parents should also keep their children at home if they’re suffering from norovirus. It can spread quite rapidly in the classroom so keeping them at home is key.

You have to let norovirus run its course, but it usually clears up within three days.