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26th Jan 2021

Evening munchies? 3 easy ways to help you stop that late-night snacking habit

We've all been there...

Trine Jensen-Burke


If your nightly routine goes a little like ours (yoga pants, TV and a huge bowl of whatever we can lay our hands on), then you might want to read these clever tips.

The thing is, much as being good during the day by eating clean and hitting the gym is great, plenty of studies have shown that it is our late-night snacking habit that does the damage when it comes to our inability to shift the lbs.

Habits are hard to break (damn you, Netflix and Ben’n’Jerry’s!), but if you want to curb those cravings, here are three good ways to start:

1. Get more sleep

When you’re sleep deprived (and, let’s face it, who isn’t?), your body might respond by triggering hunger. If you’re up late, the “hungry hormone” (aka ghrelin) increases, while leptin, the hormone that signals you’re full, decreases. Try getting to bed earlier to keep these hormones at their correct levels.

2. Drink Herbal Tea

If you usually eat a snack after dinner, try replacing it with a cup of herbal tea. Not only are herbal teas much better for you than the caffeine-laden variety, but the comforting ritual of holding the warm cup and sipping the tea is a lovely way to unwind before bed.

3. Up your protein intake

If you still feel hungry after having all your meals throughout the day, the culprit might be your protein intake – or lack thereof. Try adding an extra serving of protein to your lunch and dinner, and see will this help curb your hunger later on in the evening.