For just €5, you can copy Kendall Jenner's selfcare shower hack 2 years ago

For just €5, you can copy Kendall Jenner's selfcare shower hack

Much as we all love treating ourselves to a spa day, very few of us can afford to do this on a regular basis.

However, there is an easy way to recreate that spa feeling right at home in your own bathroom – and it seems even millionaires like Kendall Jenner has discovered this easy – and very affordable – trick.

The supermodel recently shared an image of a bunch of eucalyptus hanging in the shower in her Beverly Hills home with her Instagram followers – and now we are dying to try this trick too.

Bringing nature into our homes is a great way to relieve stress and get that spa feeling at home, and luckily, recreating Kendall's shower scene really could not be easier.

How to hang fresh Eucalyptus in your shower

At this time of year, bringing the outdoors in is the perfect way to make our homes feel fresh and ready for summer. Another great bonus you get with hanging eucalyptus in the shower is that the beautifully fresh forest-like scent will get rid of any musty smells in your bathroom too.

Even better? If you suffer from any summer allergies like hay fever, the essential oils released by the eucalyptus can help open your sinuses and clear your head.


If you want to try hanging eucalyptus in your own shower too, we recently got some tips and tricks from the clever minds at Essential Living – who have put together a simple guide on how you can recreate this fresh bathroom accessory and bring the outdoors in this summer.

You will need  

  1. 6 small branches of fresh or dried eucalyptus leaves (the fresher the better)

  2. twine, ribbon, or string

  3. a small, thin rubber band or hair tie (optional)

  4. scissors

To hang your eucalyptus, start by gathering the branches with the cut ends down. Clear the stems and remove leaves from the bottom of each branch so that you have room to tie them together.

Then cut string or twine so that it’s approximately 24 inches long and wrap the string tightly around the stems to tie the branches together (you may want to wrap a rubber band around the stems to temporarily hold them together while you secure the string around them.)

Use the ends of your string to attach your eucalyptus bouquet to the showerhead or anywhere that is easier on your shower and tie it securely (but don’t position the bouquet directly under the water stream).

Top tip: For a long-lasting, minty smell replace the bouquet every three weeks.