Never ending to-do list? Here's the nifty little trick that will help you get s**t done 1 year ago

Never ending to-do list? Here's the nifty little trick that will help you get s**t done

I don't know about you, but I have a seemingly never-ending to-do list on the go at all times.

This list, which is sometimes in writing, sometimes just in my head, is sort of like the backbone of our family life, I guess. It's where I keep tabs on everything that needs to be done, fixed, ordered, paid, cancelled, booked or bought. And then some.

However, as is the case for most busy mums, I bet, trying to get to this list on a daily (weekly, monthly) basis is tough going.

Which is why I am going to try this nifty little trick I just read about that promises to have you blasting through your to-do list in no time.

Say hello to time-blocking, mama – apparently the thing to be doing when it's hard to stay focused and get stuff done.

What is time-blocking I hear you ask – and guys, the theory is pretty simple, really, consisting of essentially  scheduling your day with blocks when you devote time to one specific task. Then, when the time you allotted is up, you move on to what’s next, regardless of completion level.


The idea being that the deadlines of each block will push you into working at each task more effectively, pushing yourself to get it done inside the allocated time-block. It might help to set an alarm on your phone to alert you when each block is coming to an end to help you keep track.

The trick is to be strict with yourself and stick to the plan, taking no more than 3-5 minutes to finish up each task, because if you do, letting 10-15 minutes pass, you end up wasting too much time, and messing up your time blocks.

Tip: Be realistic about how long each task will take to complete, or you struggle from the get-go, and it won't be an effective system. Oh, and don't try to time-block your entire day – that will be counter-productive too. Aim for two-three hours a day dedicated to your to-do list or just stuff that needs doing, and you're bound to see it work.