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25th May 2015

WATCH: 30 Day Bikini Body Blitz: The Week 3 Workout


We can hardly believe it ourselves, but suddenly we’re three weeks into the 30 Day Bikini Body Blitz with Body Project fitness guru Gillian Hynes.

The HerFamily team have been following the programme to the letter, and we’re already feeling lighter and looser-of-trouser after only 14 days.

This week we’ll be kicking our efforts up a notch and doing the workout daily with no breaks. Who’s with us?

The workout

Do one set of each exercise in the sequence, then repeat for your prescribed number of rounds:

BEGINNERS: 30 seconds each station x 5 rounds

INTERMEDIATE: 45 seconds at each station x 6 – 7 rounds

Low pulsing Split squat – targets upper legs*

Step 1: Start from standing, feet at hip distance

Step 2: Stride one leg forward and lower to hover the rear knee just above the floor

Step 3: Lift and lower in a pulsing motion

Step 4: Switch legs to repeat on the other side

*Beginners – 15 seconds each side

*Intermediate – 20 seconds on each side

Raised single leg split squat – targets upper legs*

Step 1: Step one foot onto a raised platform

Step 2: Slowly lower the rear knee to just above the floor, keeping front heel planted

Step 3: Press through the front heel to return to the

Step 4: Repeat on same side

*Beginners – 15 seconds each side

*Intermediate – 20 seconds on each side

Jumping lunge – targets butt and legs 

Step 1: From standing, stride one leg forward into high lunge position

Step 2: Drop downwards and spring from the mat, switching legs mid air

Step 3: Land and lower to spring again

Single leg hip extension – targets butt and legs*

gill 1

Step 1: Lying on your back, legs close together, knees bent

Step 2: Press to lift the hips from the mat

Step 3: Lift one foot from the mat, keeping knees level

Step 4: Hold

*Beginners – 15 seconds each side

*Intermediate – 20 seconds on each side

Chest press – targets chest

Step 1: Lying on your back, holding dumbbells, elbows straight out from the shoulders

Step 2: Press the weights together directly above the chest

Step 3: Slowly lower the weights back to the start position

Tricep kickback into press – targets triceps and shoulders

Step 1: From standing, holding dumbbells, tilt forward from the hips, arms at 90 degrees

Walking plank* – targets core and upper body

gill 2

Step 1: Lying on your front, elbows below shoulders, toes curled under

Step 2: Press into low plank

Step 3: Walk onto one hand and then the other rising to high plank

Step 4: Return to one forearm then the other to return to low plank

Watchpoint! If the walking plank is too difficult, stay in low plank instead
Side plank – targets obliques*

Step 1: Lying on your side, elbow below shoulder, legs one on top of the other, abs tightened

Step 2: Press into the forearm and feet to lift the hips off of the mat

Step 3: Hold

Watchpoint! If the full plank is too difficult, modify it by bending your legs to 45 degrees at the knee (keeping heels in line with tailbone)

*Beginners – 15 seconds each side

*Intermediate – 20 seconds on each side