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01st Jan 2023

Nurse explains real reason you should wait 6 weeks to have sex after giving birth


Did you know this?

After you give birth you’re given a lot of advice on how to look after yourself.

One of those pieces of advice is to not have sex for at least six weeks post-birth, but why?

A nurse using the TikTok username @obnursejen uploaded a video explaining why you should wait and it’s really interesting.

The nurse explained that the reasoning behind telling mums not to have sex until a couple of months after they give birth is to prevent infection.

She went on to explain that she had recently seen a post where a mum was bragging that she had had sex only a couple of days after giving birth.

The mum in question said that she didn’t tear while giving birth so she felt she was fine to have sex so soon after having her baby.

Nurse @obnursejen spoke in the video about why just because you didn’t tear, doesn’t mean you can’t still get an infection from having sex too soon;

“We tell you to wait because because your placenta left a plate sized wound in your uterus and we don’t want it to get infected.”

She then held up a model that would be roughly the wound size to show mums why it’s better to be on the safe side and just wait a few weeks.