Mum sparks parenting debate after criticising these baby names 11 months ago

Mum sparks parenting debate after criticising these baby names

This caused major drama.

A major online debate ensued on popular forum Net Mums this week when one mum asked what the common opinion is regarding hyphenated names.

Below is the post that was shared on the forum but it's the replies that followed which proved controversial.

"I frequently see the majority on here post how they dislike hyphenated names... is there any particular reason. My OH is insisting on it and I've always liked them so just wondering the feelings on it".

Initially, mums replied saying that they had chosen similar names for their little ones and they love these names.

One mum then said that she was annoyed because when her daughter was born, people told her that her daughter's full name would never stick.

Then, someone said that she disliked that people choose names that don't "suit".

"I really dislike the modern trend for hyphenating what seems like anything with Rae or Mae or Mai or Leigh etc. Seems every other name is hyphenated these days, even if it doesn't suit the first name".

However, it really kicked off when the subject of hyphenated names coming across as "chavvy" was raised.

One mum's reply was:

"Some hyphenated names sound *really* chavvy while others sound perfectly acceptable. I personally don't like hyphenated names as it seems a bit of a fashion trend in names".

You can see the thread in full here but of course, everyone has different taste and it's important to remember that.