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Big Kids

27th Apr 2021

Back on the school run? Here are 5 easy ways to make it as smooth as possible

Melissa Carton

5 ways to make the school run as smooth as possible in the morning

The school run can be chaotic.

In my own home I have to help my son get ready for school while wrestling my toddler into her tights. Instead of just having to get myself ready and out the door in the morning, I’m now chasing down stray shoes and lunch boxes.

Luckily though, there are some things that I have found have helped my family and I get out of the house more smoothly.

1) Preparation is everything

One of the best things you can do is make sure as much as possible is prepared the night before. Whether it be lunches or making sure all of their uniforms are laid out and ready to go, the more things you can do the night before the quicker the kids will be dressed and off to school.

2) Give yourself time

Set your alarm a little earlier than you think you’ll need it. Giving yourself an extra ten minutes can help in cases such as lost homework or keys or something else that could lead to everyone being late. It will also give you some breathing room so you can actually enjoy your morning cup of tea safe in the knowledge that you’re all running on time.

3) Plan ahead

Kids are busy people and getting back into a routine can be hard but with a bit of planning, everything will fall into place. Make a weekly schedule of what everyone is doing on each day. I have a little whiteboard in my kitchen at home and I find it so handy. Keep track of what days the kids will need things like sports kits so you don’t get caught out with jerseys or PE uniforms still in the wash on the days that they are needed.

4) Cut out screens

If there’s one thing that should be avoided in the morning it’s screen time of any kind. Watching tv will slow down everything from eating breakfast to getting dressed and it really isn’t needed in the morning. I’ve even fallen into this trap myself as an adult watching things before work on my phone only to realise I should have been out the door five minutes ago. Put down a complete veto on using all screens in the morning for a quicker exit.

5) Congratulate a job well done

If you want to be at the school gate before the bell every morning remember to congratulate your child when they help you. Giving your child praise for getting out the door on time will help to get a repeat performance from them.