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Big Kids

10th Oct 2023

Top gifts for teens this Christmas at Currys revealed

The big day is creeping up quickly – and we’re not talking about Halloween.

Yes, Christmas is fast approaching as you may have noticed from the selection boxes already on shelves in supermarkets which means it’s time to start thinking about getting organised.

It may only be October but no one wants to be rushing around last minute to pick something up all while muttering to yourself “Why didn’t I get this sooner?”

An dit can be even harder if you have a teenager at home who every time you ask them what would you like for Christmas either says “I don’t know” or grunts in response.

Luckily Currys have put together a list of some of their top gifts for the holiday this year that will help you avoid any last-minute drama and maybe even get you a thank you from your teen!

JBL GO3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker €39.99:

Small yet mighty this speaker is by JBL one of the biggest names in the business and packs a punch.

It’s also waterproof so if your teen plans on taking it to the beach or by the pool when summer rolls around you can rest assured knowing it’ll be safe.

SONY WH-CH720N Wireless Bluetooth Noise-Cancelling Headphones €119.99:

Another one for the music lovers in your life these headphones are perfect for your teen who may be commuting to college as they will cancel out any annoying background noise.

Sleek, easy to use and you can answer the phone with the press of a button meaning they have no excuse not to take your calls.

DJI Mini 2 SE Drone €359.99:

Perfect for someone with an interest in either filmmaking or photography, this light drone is easy to store away in a backpack and take on any adventure.

And thanks to its 3-axis gimbal all footage will be as smooth as butter.

SEGWAY-NINEBOT C2 B Electric Scooter €259.99:

A very practical gift, this e-scooter will get your teen to wherever they want to go without the price of petrol as it can travel over nine and a half kilometres on a single charge.

The adjustable handlebar has three height settings, meaning it can be used for a lot longer than just one fleeting Christmas.

ZIMX G11 Hoverboard €349.99:

With its futuristic colours, built-in Bluetooth speaker and lights under each foot panel your teen will look the part even if they’re just tearing around the garden.

INSTAX mini 12 Instant Camera €79.99:

These instant cameras are all over social media and rightly so, how many times have we said we’d get photos developed and just never did?

Available in a wide range of colours, your teenager will have their room covered in polaroids before the new year rolls around.

JOBY Beamo Ring Light 12″ €32.99:

whether your kid sees themself as a vlogger, or influencer or just wants to be able to take selfies with the right lighting this ring light is sure to be a winner.

With its 10 brightness levels and 3 colour temperatures, they’ll be ready for their close-up no matter what.

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