Love Island star Montana Brown opens up on her struggle to get pregnant 9 months ago

Love Island star Montana Brown opens up on her struggle to get pregnant

It wasn't as easy as she expected.

Love Island star Montana Brown has opened up on her struggle to get pregnant following her exciting baby news.

Last week the 27 year old announced the happy news that she was expecting a baby, but now she is speaking out about her struggle to become a mum.

Revealing that it "took longer than it should" for her to have gotten pregnant, she opened up about her secret health battle.

Speaking on an Instagram Q&A, one follower asked if her pregnancy was "planned", to which she responded: "@pippacampbell_health did all these amazing tests which was really insightful and helped me understand why it was taking longer than it should.”

Speaking more about it on her story, she revealed that she and her partner Mark O'Connor has been "trying for a little bit" before she discovered she was expecting.

She said: "I guess the main thing that was important which I wished I had done a bit earlier was the hormone test."


She went on to explain to her followers that the tests had revealed that she was suffering from low levels of testosterone and oestrogen in the body and ended up using supplements to help rectify the issues.

She then gave fans some advice, asking them to "understand where your body is at and what your body needs."

On Christmas Eve, Montana shared the news that she is expecting a baby with her boyfriend Mark, showing fans the moment she discovered she was pregnant.

She then shared photos of her and Mark on holiday, showing off her baby bump in a bikini, writing: "Baby O’Connor coming next summer.”

The video showed Montana sharing a glimpse of the early moments of her pregnancy, with the video beginning with 'Baby O'Connor' written in the sand on a beach.

It also showed her attending her first scan as the soon to be parents heard their baby's heartbeat for the first time.