Stacey Solomon & Joe Swash surprise Rex with Santa at their very own DIY grotto 1 year ago

Stacey Solomon & Joe Swash surprise Rex with Santa at their very own DIY grotto

"It was his belt for me... and his Nikes."

They might have their hands full as a blended family-of-seven with a new baby, but Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash still somehow manage to be the definition of #parentgoals.

Thursday night, Stacey shared an adorable Reel on Instagram that documented a festive project she and her "DIY partner in crime" Rex have been working on: converting their shed into a grotto for Santa to visit, which he eventually did.

"After Rose was born Rex and me started a little project," Stacey wrote in the caption, adding that it was a way for the two of them to ensure they still had some one-on-one time every day.

The Reel shows the mother and son transforming the space from a garden shed to a North Pole cabin as they paint it blue, install their own postbox, and add festive decorations, lights and reindeer.

"We wanted to make a little grotto out of the shed for Santa to come and visit. We’ve been checking it every day this week to see if he was there and today he finally came," she continued.

"And it was the best evening ever. I have never seen Rex so excited and my heart will never be the same again."

In the footage, Rex excitedly waits for Santa until Joe emerges from the grotto and is almost unrecognisable in full Santa garb. He sits the two-year-old on his lap and later plays a game of chasing.

"Daddy was gutted he missed all the excitement," Stacey joked, along with a laugh and wink emoji.



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The post also included a sweet message to Rex about how much both parents love him and how much Stacey enjoyed getting to build the grotto alone with him.

"I know I’ve had another little pickle to look after too and you’ve just been such an amazing big brother," she said in reference to baby Rose, who was born in October.

"I can’t wait to watch this back with you over and over forever and ever. We love you to the moon and back darling boy. My DIY partner in crime. Always [heart emoji]"

On her Instagram Story, Stacey joked about Santa coming to visit while wearing Nikes, and shared that the big man even helped put Rex to bed.

He may have overstayed his welcome though, getting "far too comfy" at the cottage and putting his feet up on sofa.

"When's Joe coming home, Santa?" Stacey teased.