Staying in: 5 easy and fun New year's Eve crafts to entertain the kids with 9 months ago

Staying in: 5 easy and fun New year's Eve crafts to entertain the kids with

No point in going out to celebrate New Year's when we can't eat out past 8 PM.

I don't know about you, but I really can't wait to see the back of this car-crash of a year. Again.

And in the meantime, while we are waiting on 2022 to arrive, here are five easy, yet fun, New Year's Eve crafts to keep the kids busy with this week:

1. Create a family wishing wall

As you think up wishes for the new year (either for you, your family, or the world itself), just write them on a little piece of paper and place them in a designated spot on your wall to create your own wishing wall. It’s a great way to focus on setting goals, as well as encouraging kids to think of others. The best bit? Kids of all ages can take part, younger ones can draw their wishes, while older kids can write them down.

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2. DIY Countdown Clock

Help kids countdown to the new year with these paper plate countdown clocks. Children will love using the movable clock hands to count down each hour until the start of the new year!


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3. Fireworks wand

You can make these in advance for young kids who will be celebrating, or set up a firework making craft station on the night for little ones to enjoy throughout the evening.

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4. New Year's pipe cleaner headband

Nothing says celebrate like a bit of sparkle, and to help get us into the celebratory mood, these sparkly pipe cleaner crowns and headbands will no doubt do the trick. 

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5. DIY confetti poppers

With these confetti popper rockets you can blow things up inside without ever catching anything on fire! Bonus: The kids will enjoy decorating their rockets before filling them with confetti – all ready to pop when welcoming the new year!

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