You can now buy a Hawaiian shirt for your dog and sorry, how cute? 3 years ago

You can now buy a Hawaiian shirt for your dog and sorry, how cute?


Dogs are the best boys.

They really are.

They're our friends, they're our family, they're the ones that we leave trapped in a room with us when we're sad so they have to spend time with us and make us feel better.

With food, water, and a place to go toilet of course. We're not monsters.

And although the aforementioned comment is definitely a joke and should not be taken seriously at all, there is one things that we do need to take seriously - a dog in a Hawaiian shirt.

Why? Because look at him. He commands authority.

The Hawaiian shirt in question is currently for sale on Amazon for a mere $13 (€11.44) not including shipping.


The stunning garment is a colourful polo shirt that fits small to medium dogs as well as cats (if you manage to get them in there).

It's got velcro fasting to make it super easy for the dog to get in and out of, as well as a print that the product description so aptly describes as "cool."

The shirt can also keep your dog's coat clean in particularly messy scenarios too. Not just all looks, eh?

Anyway, if you've any interest in the above you can check it out on Amazon over here. 

And yes, they do ship to Ireland.

Images via Amazon.