WIN this brilliant game as a Christmas pressie for the kids 1 year ago

WIN this brilliant game as a Christmas pressie for the kids

Brought to you by Ubisoft.

Everyone's a winner!

You AND your kids! Goodness knows that's not always the case.

This time, though, we have a superb prize for you to win for your little messers this Christmas. If you have a little game enthusiast in your house, they will go especially crazy for this one.

Ubisoft is giving away a copy of its awesome new game Starlink: Battle for Atlas. This copy is a starter pack for the Nintendo Switch and includes everything you need to get the game set up and playing on your child's device, as well as the cunning and adventurous Fox McCloud, a character exclusive to Nintendo Switch.

What's great about Starlink is that it combines physical toys and console gaming. Before playing, your kids have to assemble their spaceships, deciding which wings and weapons to use (yay for creativity!). They then choose the model pilot they want flying their spacecraft and that model can be popped straight into the cockpit.

Once the game starts up, the exact spaceship that the kids have created will pop up on the screen. Players then attach their toy to their controller and use it to fight exciting battles and complete dangerous missions. Such good craic and super interactive. Sure you'll be joining in yourself in no time.

Check out our article here to learn all about the game and why your kids will just LOVE it. Once you're as convinced as we are (and you will be), just fill out the form below to be in with a chance of winning a starter pack for yourself and the kids.

Safe flying, soldiers!

Brought to you by Ubisoft.