Corrie hint at new romance for Sarah Platt after Gary Windass split 6 months ago

Corrie hint at new romance for Sarah Platt after Gary Windass split

Coronation Street has appeared to hint at a new romance for Sarah Platt after her split from Gary Windass.

The couple split this week after Sarah found out Gary had been lying to her about his loan shark troubles. She became even more furious when she found out who Rick really was - and just how close he had been to her son.

As Gary tried to insist that everything he had done was to try and protect her and the kids, Sarah fumed:

"No, I don't - I don't have to understand anything. I shouldn't have taken you back after you slept with Nicola...


"You cheat on me, you bring a maniac into this house - I wouldn't be surprised if you were behind the factory roof.

"I don't believe you. I don't believe anything you say."

Despite actor Mikey North hinting that Gary may try and win Sarah back, it looks like Coronation Street are lining up another love interest for Tina O'Brien's character.

The actress was spotted filming romantic scenes with Samuel Robertson - aka: Adam Barlow - in Manchester on Tuesday.

Photos obtained by Digital Spy show the two characters sharing a kiss as they meet up at a hotel.

The news comes a few days after Coronation Street revealed Adam's return in their Saturday Sneak Peeks.

Eagle-eyed fans began to celebrate when they noticed Adam in one of the shots, playing tabletop football in Weatherfield's new barber shop.

The solicitor left town back in February, after he found himself caught up in some major drama with Sarah Platt and Gary Windass (who are looking very tense in the behind-the-scenes photo they're in).

He decided he needed a change of scenery and was going to go travelling for a few months, before taking off in a taxi.