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18th Oct 2023

Mum pulls daughter out of nursery due to staff hugging her

Anna Martin

Sending your child to nursery can be a nerve-wracking time.

Yet there are ways to calm any anxious feelings you and your child are feeling such as staff taking your preferences and wishes into account.

Unfortunately, sometimes this doesn’t go to plan as one mother found out when staff ignored her “no touching” rule resulting in her removing her child from their care.

Sharing her story in a post on Kidspot the mother said that her child”didn’t feel safe,” was “terrified” and was having “terrible anxiety” every time she was dropped off for the day.

The mum said she had explained to staff that her daughter didn’t like being held writing, “I know some other babies, even my son who is one, love cuddles and feel safe that way, but my daughter doesn’t.”


She also provided them with a list of alternative methods to console her.

However, they ultimately ignored her and the mother saw one of the teachers pick her daughter up and try to hug her.

She explained how her daughter was “absolutely beside herself” and was kicking and screaming as a result.

She tried to be understanding and ask them to not do it again, but still kept attempting to hug the child.

“I have a huge respect for all teachers, my husband is a teacher, but this was different,” she added.

“I felt like I was constantly repeating myself and fighting so hard just to help my daughter feel safe at childcare. It shouldn’t be this hard to help each child feel safe. It didn’t feel right to me.”

Though she tried to wait it out, giving her daughter month to settle she never did at one point telling her mother she “didn’t like her teachers.”

She then moved her daughter to a new nursery, and after telling the new nursery about what happened, the mum said: “They were incredible.

“They set up a quiet, comfortable space for her with cushions, books and no other people around. They let her sit back and watch until she was comfortable to join in any activities. They let me hang around as much as I needed to.”