My seven-year-old changed his sister's nappy when the babysitter couldn't 7 months ago

My seven-year-old changed his sister's nappy when the babysitter couldn't

Saturday night my husband and I were attending a concert.

We organised for a teenage family member to watch the kids for us while we went out knowing we were at most 20 minutes away if he needed to call us back.

We were leaving at seven and my toddler usually goes to bed at 8pm so we figured there wouldn't be too much hassle from her and then the babysitter and my eldest could watch some TV.

When we returned back later that night everything was fine.

The kids were both asleep in bed and the babysitter said that they had been no trouble at all.

It wasn't until the following morning that we found out that there had been a little bit of a dilemma and it was quite a stinker.

During breakfast the next day my seven-year-old told us there had been a bit of a situation when is little sister needed her nappy changed.

The babysitter had never changed a nappy before and had absolutely no idea what to do.

We had figured this might have come up so we made sure to change her before we left but hadn't banked on her creating another smelly job right before she went to bed.

Now my seven-year-old has also never changed a nappy before but he's seen us do it hundreds of times so when his sister needed help he stepped up to the plate.

He told us that when the babysitter didn't know what to do he got he nappy bag and did what he had to do.

While he was telling me I couldn't stop laughing at the poor babysitter freaking out while the seven-year-old calmly diffused the situation.

In fairness to the teenager, I had never changed a nappy before I became a parent either.

We might need to do a crash course in nappy changing 101 before we leave them off with any other young babysitters.