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06th Aug 2018

Bargain alert! 5 absolutely brilliant curling wands for less than €50

Rebecca O'Keeffe

No need to spend a small fortune!

Is there ANYTHING better than having a full head of glorious curls?

Nope, there’s not.

Anyway, the one issue that arises when getting those curls is money.

People seem to think that the best curlers are the most expensive – but I’m here to tell you otherwise.

It is actually possible to give yourself wondrous princess hair for less than 50 quid.

I know, you doubt me, but don’t!

I actually have tried all of these magical curlers, and none of them will break the bank (or your hair).

curling wands

5: Boots Essentials Tong & Brush, €12.99.

 This fella made the list party because it’s very very good, and partly because it literally cost the same as a fancy sandwich.

The Ceramic Tong can be used for creating voluptuous curls and waves, with the brush attachment can build volume and create softer curls and flicks. Multi functional, and cheap. My favourite.

4: TRESemmé Perfectly (Un)done Waving Wand Curler, €31.99. 

You know those beautiful bouncy beach curls? This curling wand is PERFECT for creating that tousled look.

Oh, and if you’re like me and have hair down to your arse – this is the one for you. It has an extra-long barrel for longer hair, simply wrap the hair around the barrel for kink-free waves.

curling wands

3: I&K PRO Pencil Styler Hair Curling Wand, €25. 

So if you prefer slimmer, corkscrew curls – this baby is about to become your best friend.

It heats up quickly and there are 6 temperature settings ranging from 80 – 230°C giving you absolute control over the the final results. Oh, and it performs effortlessly on both thick and thin hair so you can get creative with some fantastic hairstyles.

curling wands

2: Remington PROluxe Curling Wand, €44.99.

Okay this bad boy is all about impressive technology, and I am here for it!

The curling wand’s barrel comes covered in a unique grip-tech coating that adds a light resistance and friction, but works to stop snagging or catching hair. This slipless coating is the perfect styling addition, especially for those who may struggle creating consistent curls (moi).

1: Babyliss Pro Hot Pink Conical Wand, €28. 

This iconic styling tool pretty much guarantees long-lasting and beautiful curls thanks to an improved heating performance. The new, upgraded heater system achieves a top temperature of 210°C and heats up quicker  (YAS!) with enhanced heat recovery to ensure fast, consistent styling results

The ceramic conical barrel is smooth so that hair can be wrapped round easily with no kinks and leaves styles with a beautifully shiny, frizz-free finish. I’m obsessed with mine, tbh!

You’re welcome <3