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14th Jun 2017

Here’s why you get those yellow pit stains on white tops

Because it's down to more than just sweat.

Have you given up on white tops and tees?

Whether you have to contend with sticky hands grabbing at you all day or are just fed up of your makeup or tan rubbing off, keeping your whites white is a struggle.

Perhaps worst of all at this time of year is the fight to keep the pits of your white tees and tops from going yellow.

We’ve all fallen victim to those manky yellow stains and you might think lashing on the deodorant will sort it, but this could actually be the problem.

The stain is in fact most likely to be caused by a reaction between sweat and your deodorant.

“Yellowing of shirts is generally caused by an interaction between the aluminium compounds in your antiperspirant and the protein that comprises your sweat,” Rachel Winard of Soapwalla, a natural beauty product company, told Bustle.

The best way to avoid yellow stains on your tops is therefore to use deodorant that is aluminium-free.

Here are some suggestions that you can buy in Ireland or order online:


Bionsen Caring Touch


Green People Body Care Natural Deodorant



Vichy Déodorant 24H Toucher Sec

Jason Pure Natural Deodorant Stick