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01st Nov 2020

3 quick and easy pasta dinners for time-strapped weekdays

Ready before you even have time to call for a pizza.

Trine Jensen-Burke

easy pasta dinners

Between working from home, keeping the house in order and helping the kids with their homework, do you sometimes feel like you got too much on your plate to be spending time in the kitchen?

Step right this way.

Here are three recipes that all pack a serious punch when it comes to flavour, yet comes together in pretty much no time at all, and with ingredients you more than likely already have in your kitchen:

1. Cacio e Pepe

If you have yet to have this absolute classic of a pasta dish, you have been missing out – big time. Even better? It takes no time at all to put together.

For full recipe and instructions, head over to Tasty Kitchen

2. 15-minute lemon pepper pasta with shrimp

Pick up some shrimp and pesto (provided you have pasta in your kitchen already, and some parmesan too) and you’ll be blown away by how quick, yet tasty, this dinner is.

For full recipe and instructions, head over to Healthy Aperture

3. Creamy Salmon Orzo

It’s hard to believe, but this creamy salmon pasta comes together in less than 20 minutes. What’s even better, it’ll go down a treat with the kids too, and is a sneaky (and tasty) way of nourishing them with some vitamins and omega-3 fatty acid.


For full recipe and instructions, head over to Recipe Tin Eats