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31st Jan 2024

Four tips for encouraging a picky little eater to try more foods

Creative ways to tempt your little fusspot


Picky eater

If you have a picky eater, we hope these tips can help

If you’ve got a little fusspot in your family, you’ll know all about how heart-wrenching it can be to get them to try anything new.

Lots of parents have been there, fretting they’re not getting enough nutrients in their diet; the panic that they’re going to fall sick; and the frustration at throwing good food in the bin.

Oh, and then there’s the time you spend cooking a favourite meal, only to be met with a, “I don’t like that any more”… Sigh.

So, with this in mind, we have a few failsafe tips for nudging them in the right direction.

Make it fun and frivolous for them and you:

Put their lunch in a muffin, cupcake or ice tray

30 Days of Muffin Tin Meals Day 9 sharpened

Pop colourful foods from all the food groups into a tray.

It makes them feel like they’re in control of which food to try and when, plus it’s visually stimulating for them.

Make everything a ‘mini’

mini sharpened

Think pint-sized versions of everything to add a bit of cool-factor to their meals.

Think miniature sandwiches, hamburgers, sausage rolls, wraps. Start cutting.

Pick up some bright or novelty toothpicks

cocktail sticks

Then pop them on anything. Literally. Adding toothpicks to fruit pieces, cheese pieces, toast, anything, guarantees more fun, which guarantees more mouthfuls.

Make food fun again


Make pictures with your food. Bread can be cut into animal shapes; berries magically turn into flowers; cucumber sticks into grass; blueberries become rabbit eyes; carrots are whiskers.

Peanut butter and honey or Agavé syrup are great glue for sticking food together.