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29th Sep 2020

Aldi is selling a €20 coffee machine that’s designed to “Brew and Go”

Niamh Maher

I don’t start my mornings with anything else.

Are you a human being if you don’t drink coffee?

I understand that some people don’t enjoy the taste of coffee and that’s perfectly fine… unfortunately we can just never be friends. I was once so committed to my coffee endeavours, that I brought a brand new coffee machine through security at an airport, only to be shown (by security) that coffee machines do in fact look quite like bombs on the x-ray machine.

Anyway, that’s a different story.

The good news for all you coffee lovers out there is that Aldi is bringing a new coffee machine to market this Sunday and it’s perfect for people who constantly find themselves rushing in the mornings.

Aldi’s “Coffee To Go” machine goes on sale nationwide on October 4th, it features a 24-hour programmable timer and it’s compatible with their award-winning Great taste Velo ground coffee and soft coffee pods. Hands down though, the best part about this machine is that it includes a Brew and Go, 400ml Travel Cup and Lid.

Program your coffee and it’s ready for you as you walk out the door, that’s service!

The “Coffee To Go” machine retails at €19.66… just be careful about bringing it on a plane.