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04th Jul 2019

A gin-infused rosé exists and we need to try it immediately

Rebecca O'Keeffe

Hello beautiful…

Thanks to this gorgeous sunny weather, all we want now is BBQs, pretty dresses, family days out and of course, warm weather.

Oh, and some rosé… obviously.

Well, what if we told you that a gin-infused rosé exists? Outrageous, right?

Echo Falls has launched the new pink drink and it could not sound more delicious.


The brand announced the exciting news on Facebook previously, writing:

“A match made in heaven! We’ve taken our fruity rosé and infused it with gin, to give you an early taste of summer!”

Can you please send us 7 cases please? Thanks.

The Facebook post has already racked received a major reaction and it’s no surprise considering the popularity of both rosé and gin.

The only pain in the ass? This drink is currently only available in Co-Op – a store in the UK.

However, given the popularity of the gin-infused rosé, we reckon it will spread in no time.

Until then, we’ll be spending a lot more time in London…