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Baby names

25th Sep 2022

Bon appétit! 13 food and drink inspired baby names for both boys and girls

Melissa Carton


Names good enough to eat!

Life just wouldn’t be the same with food.

Ok, we need it for survival but let’s face it between pasta and pastries, there’s nothing like a tasty treat!

If you’re a serious foodie with a bun in the oven then you’re going to absolutely love these 13 food and drink inspired names!

How sweet are these?

1)Alfredo – pasta

2)Suzette – crepe

3)Anise – spice

4)Barack – brandy

5)Rosemary – herb

6)Basil – herb

7)Madeline – cake

8)Benedict – eggs

9)Chardonnay – wine

10)Ginger – spice

11)Napoleon – dessert

12)Margarita – cocktail

13)Brie – cheese

Have any other food and drink inspired suggestions you think we should add to our list?

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