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09th Oct 2015

Good News: Now you can spread caffeine on your toast

As if we didn’t dunk a spoon into the peanut butter jar often enough as it is, soon it could provide us with more than just a sneaky afternoon treat.

US food company Steem has developed a caffeinated peanut that boasts as much caffeine as TWO CUPS of coffee per serving.

Yep. That’ll do the trick.


Thanks to the naturally slow digestion of peanut butter, STEEM claims to deliver sustained energy in the form of protein, electrolytes, and caffeine, granting nut butter fans hours of endurance and focus and freedom from distractions like hunger and fatigue.


While it isn’t designed to replace your morning cup of Joe, owner Keith Barnofski says Steem can be used as a coffee alternative, particularly for people who enjoy caffeine but don’t like the jitters or stained teeth that go with it: “You almost get a concentration of the caffeine, and it wears off quicker,” he says about drinking regular coffee. “The peanut butter lasts for a longer time so it tends to be a little bit more mellow of a caffeine experience.

“You basically you have your snack and your pick-me-up all at the same time.”

Thrillingly, the butter can also be used to make caffeinated peanut butter granola balls. We bet those would go down a treat with parents at the school bake sale…


Steem isn’t available in Europe yet but watch this space.