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09th Nov 2015

How much caffeine is in your morning brew? The truth may surprise you…

Do you find that your takeaway coffee is more effective on some mornings than it is on others?

It could be down to its caffeine content: a new survey has revealed that all cups of Joe are not made equally when it comes to the level of pep they put in your step.

The trade magazine Caffeine Informer has worked out just how much caffeine is contained in the coffee of leading high street retailers.

The McDonald’s 12 fl oz cappuccino was found to be most severely lacking in the good stuff, coming in at a weak 71mg (particularly if you’re depending on it to keep your eyes open at work), while Starbuck’s version contained 75mg of caffeine.

Caffe Nero was marginally better at 80mg per cup, but if you need your cappuccino to work as hard as you do, your best bet is to hit your nearest Costa, where a medium drink boasts a whopping 185g.

Now that’s what we’re talkin’ ’bout.

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