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30th Nov 2017

Kellogg’s is launching a new range of vegan and organic cereals

The new cereals will be released in January 2018.

Denise Curtin

Today Kellogg’s announced their new project titled Better Starts Plan, which hopes to see a reduction in sugar and salt throughout all their cereals by the end of 2018.

This new plan of action hopes to help people in Ireland make healthier choices in the morning. The news comes just after Kellogg’s announced the discontinuation of one of their iconic and very sugary cereals Ricicles.

Kellogg’s new plan for 2018 include cereals that are healthier with a variety of vegan and organic options too.

Jim McNeill, Kellogg Ireland, Managing Director comments:

“Kellogg has a long tradition of helping improve the nation’s diet – from launching a long-term salt reduction plan in the late 1990s to adding vitamin D to all our kid’s cereals in 2000s.”

“We know we have a responsibility to continuously improve the nutrition of our food. We recognise, based on dietary survey data, that people are eating too much sugar throughout the day and that people need more options, such as organic and vegan.”

“That’s why today we are announcing more changes to our foods so that we can continue to support people in making better choices.  Our shoppers have told us that taste is still important to them so we’ve worked hard to ensure that our new recipes are just as delicious.”

“We will continue to listen to people about how we can improve our food.”

This new range of organic and vegan cereals will be in stores nationwide from January, 2018.