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27th Sep 2023

Lucy Watson reveals she’s planning on raising her baby vegan

Kat O'Connor

Lucy Watson confirmed her baby will be vegan.

Made In Chelsea star Lucy Watson has revealed she will raise her baby as a vegan.

The mum-to-be shared the update after confirming she was pregnant last week.

She explained to her followers that she would continue following a vegan diet throughout her pregnancy.

The reality star announced she was pregnant with her first child on Instagram and said this is her ‘miracle baby’ after struggling to get pregnant for some time.

Lucy stressed that she has no intention of changing her lifestyle just because she is pregnant.

She told her followers:

“I’ve had many people along this journey tell me you need to give up the vegan diet, it’s stopping you getting pregnant, etc.”

“That is not the case, and for anyone dealing with the same doubts, I can assure you it is and can be a very healthy approach to pregnancy.”

“There are people who are crack addicts who get pregnant. Being vegan is not going to stop you. And yes, our baby will be vegan.”

Raising your child as a vegan is sufficient.

A vegan diet is sufficient for infants. However, parents should seek advice from healthcare professionals in case they need to supplement their child’s diet.

The HSE does not have any official guidelines for raising your child as a vegan.

Parents who want their children to be vegetarians may find it harder for their child to reach their nutritional requirements, but this is possible with the right expert advice.