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03rd Jun 2018

Marks and Spencer is now selling a massive caterpillar cake for 40 people

Wil Jones

2.2kg, and serves 40 people

The Marks & Spencer Colin The Caterpillar chocolate cake is truly a defining part of childhood.

There was, and still isn’t, a better cake to share on your birthday. And what’s better is that both adults and children love it.

It is therefore very important that we inform you that you can now by giant Colin The Caterpillar – and his significant other, Connie The Caterpillar – cakes, that weigh over 2kg.

That is a very big cake.

It weighs 2.2kg, and serve 40 people. There is a small catch though – they have to be ordered seven days in advance, from Marks & Spencer online.

They also come with a customised iced message. And on Twitter, people have been somewhat confused by the bizarre choice of example message used in the promo shots:

Yeah, it is…. strange.