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19th Nov 2015

Nespresso’s new limited edition Christmas flavours are here

Katie Mythen-Lynch

If you’re a caffeine fiend in possession of a Nespresso machine, you’ll know the ripple of excitement that pulses through your very being whenever they announce a new flavour pod. 

When that new blend is released in honour of Christmas, there’s even more reason to get yourself down to the coffee counter quick smart to stock up.

And now is the time.

Nespresso’s festive additions have been released and this year, the line-up includes Ciocco Ginger, a daring marriage of Livanto’s fragrant roaster notes with dark chocolate and a hint of ginger and Vanilla Amaretti, flavoured with indulgent almond and vanilla flavours, reminiscent of sweet amaretti biscuits.

There’s also a Vanilla Cardamom for good measure, a delicate blend of Livanto and aromatic spice.


The pods are only available now until the end of the Christmas period so move fast if you want to stock up on your favourite luxurious flavours for the long year ahead.

With this kind of action going on in our coffee mugs, we’ll barely need dessert.