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04th Oct 2018

O holy night… Baileys has launched a Christmas chocolate yule log

Drooling. I'm drooling.

Denise Curtin

Don’t attack me for talking about Christmas, please.

I get it, it’s HARDLY October, Halloween hasn’t even happened yet but this is a PSA that you need to hear urgently.

Baileys has launched a liquor infused Christmas chocolate yule log that needs to be snapped up now and hidden until December 22 (at least).

Yes, as spotted by NewFoodsUK, Baileys chocolate yule log is covered in moreish icing and chocolate curls and we’re weak at the knees by just staring at this baby.


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According to the popular food page, the cake has been spotted in Tesco in the UK, selling for £5. Now although we’re not sure if it has landed in Ireland yet, we can almost guarantee it will drop soon (and we’ll be first in line).

And it seems like the Baileys GODS are at work lately as last week, they dropped a new flavoured ice cream with their liqueur in it. YAS.

Titled “Chocolate Secret“, the ice cream is chocolate flavoured and then the chocolate ice cream is smothered in both Baileys AND chocolate sauce.

You can read all about that here.