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27th Mar 2021

Stuck for the perfect Easter brunch dessert? AVOCA has got you covered

Avoca Easter treats

We are facing into yet another Easter weekend in lockdown.

But that only makes it all the more reason, in my opinion – to go all out when it comes to serving up the most amazing food and setting the prettiest table for your family feast.

Go on, whip out those linen napkins and use all your best wedding China to set the table – if you don’t deserve to go all out after the year we’ve all had, then when indeed.

Tradition might dictate your main course, but when it comes to dessert, we are all about eye-candy this year, and want treats that not only taste delicious, but also look oh-so-perfect on our brunch table.

Enter AVOCA’s new Easter-themed caked and baked goods, like these AVOCA Easter Vanilla Cupcakes with Lemond Curd Icing, which are €8.50  for a pack of six cupcakes.

Or how about AVOCA’s Easter 7’ Vanilla Sponge Cake with Lemon Curd Icing, €15.95?

AVOCA also has a seriouly yummy collection of chocolate Easter eggs available, of course, with our favourites being the Skelligs Marshmallow Milk Chocolate Egg (€15.50):

Or these yummy Nic & Ali Hen Clip With Chocolate Eggs (€5.25):

AVOCA Easter products are available in AVOCA Food Market’s from Saturday, March 27th, customers can also contact their local AVOCA store to order for collection and delivery. Further information and store contact details for AVOCA’s Food market Order, Collection & Delivery services can be found at