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06th Feb 2016

These 3-Ingredient Biscuit Butters Will Blow Your Mind

Katie Mythen-Lynch

Every now and then a recipe comes along that has the power to make you the queen of the dessert table with precious little effort. 

This utterly wicked and wanton blend of ingredients results in a creamy, buttery spread for slathering on scones or scooping up with prezels – and it can be flavoured with any biscuit your heart desires.


Adapted from the work of A Beautiful Mess, it’s a take-along treat that’s perfect for a baby shower, a child’s birthday party, a movie night or just a catch-up cuppa.

We’ve taken to popping it into cute jars and gifting it to new mums, who can dip away to their heart’s content with one hand while feeding a baby. Heaven.



  • 280g cookie crumbs (Oreos, Ginger Nuts, Custard Creams – blitz them in the food processor or pop them in a sandwich bag and bash with a rolling pin)
  • 60g butter
  • 128g evaporated milk
1. Mix your melted butter with the cookie crumbs and evaporated milk.
2. Pulse in a food processor until it comes together. If your butter is too thin simply add more cookie crumbs.
Note: This can be stored in the fridge in a jar for up to six weeks.
Images: A Beautiful Mess