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19th Jun 2018

We’ve been cutting bread wrong for our entire lives

Brilliant hack.

Olivia Hayes

They could be onto something with this one.

It can be frustrating sometimes when you have a delicious crusty loaf of bread, and then when you go to cut it, it falls to pieces.

Or sometimes you just can’t get an even cut; one side ends up huge while the other is a little sliver of dough.

Not ideal.

However, this woman, who regularly works in a restaurant, revealed her little trick to cutting bread slices, and we think everyone should take note.

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Writing on Food52, she said: “I believe that turning a loaf of bread on its side is, in many instances, the easiest way to get thin, even slices without squashing the pieces, struggling against an impenetrable crust, or tiring out your wrist if you’re cutting for a party spread.”

The food writer, Sarah Jampel, explains: “Yes, it takes a bit more coordination and care: Rather than resting the flat, stable side against the cutting board, you’ll have to hold the bread in place with the hand that isn’t knife-wielding.

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“But it’s not as scary as it looks, and I’ve seen the technique at bakeries.”

We absolutely hate when our bread falls to pieces so we might just try this the next time we buy a big, beautiful loaf!