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04th Apr 2024

Mum outraged after man refuses to switch seats in cinema


A mum has been left outraged after a man refused to swap seats with her in the cinema so she could sit with her daughter during a screening of Barbie.

The man has now questioned if he was in the wrong over the incident despite noting he had booked the seats in advance so he and his girlfriend could be sat together in the middle row.

When the 22-year-old got to the cinema, he noticed a woman and her daughter were sitting in his seats, and like many of us have experienced, he asked them to move – which led to an awkward exchange.

Taking to Reddit, the man explained how he told them he had pre-booked the seats and “even showed her the tickets.”

He explains: “[The mum] said when she purchased her tickets they only had two seats available, one in the front row and another in the far back.

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“She said she wanted to sit next to her daughter and she didn’t want her sitting that far away from her so she asked if my girlfriend and I could swap seats.”

Then explaining how he “politely” asked the mum to “get up” and said it “wasn’t [his] problem” that the two weren’t able to sit together, he had “paid for those seats.”

“The woman said she understood I paid for the seats but I didn’t have to be rude and inconsiderate,” he said.

Overhearing their conversation, another person in the cinema offered to swap seats with the mum and daughter, allowing the man to take his own seat.

But this wasn’t the last of the drama as once the film ended, his girlfriend turned to him and said she “felt bad” for the mum and her daughter.

“[She said] giving up our seats would’ve been the right thing to do and I was being a bit inconsiderate,” he added.

“At first I didn’t think I did anything wrong, I paid for those seats and the woman purchased the tickets knowing she wouldn’t be able to sit with her daughter.

“Now I’m starting to feel a little bad because of what my girlfriend and the woman said.”

Most other Reddit users replied, explaining that he was in the right, with many explaining that the mum sounded “inconsiderate” and should not have assumed someone would be that accommodating for her.