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25th Jul 2023

Is the Barbie movie suitable for children? Mum expresses frustrations


Barbie marketing hype extends even to the smallest children, but is the film suitable for little eyes and ears? One mother wonders just that

According to a story in The Mirror, one mum turned to fellow parents on Mumsnet to ask if the film would be appropriate for her six-year-old daughter, after she was invited to a birthday party to watch the Greta Gerwig-directed blockbuster.

The mother posted her question, saying: “I’m in two minds about this. Kids have been invited to see Barbie the movie but it’s rated 12A because of moderate sexual innuendo, brief harassment, catcalling and implied strong language (including bleeped out motherf*er).

“Supposedly it has the words bitch, crap, God, hell and damn in. What would you do? We wouldn’t typically let the kids see anything with this sort of language but then it would mean missing out on someone’s birthday party.”

She also said: “I think the swearing would go over the heads of mine, but I definitely know it wouldn’t others so they then might chat about it or discuss it afterwards. Am I being too precious about it all?”

She clarified that she had to RSVP that day, otherwise she might’ve made an attempt to see it first and make her judgement call then. “There is no chance of us seeing it before the girls as we would have to accept or decline the invite today,” she told other Mumsnet users.

Some commenters responded that they weren’t certain children of that age would even be allowed in to the cinema in the first place.

Interestingly, one commenter said that it should have been made accessible for young girls, with a responder saying “But why? It’s not marketed as a kids film.” And to be fair, that is the case. However, it can’t be unexpected that children seeing the ubiquitous marketing wouldn’t be intrigued by a film that is literally about the toys they play with.

Where do you stand on it?