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02nd Jul 2023

Mum reveals genius tip for making Barbie dolls’ hair smooth again

Kat O'Connor

Does your son or daughter turn into a mini hairdresser and practice their skills on their dolls?

Their glossy locks are quickly replaced with frizzy, knotty, and matted hair.

But, luckily one mum has revealed how to undo the damage to the doll’s hair.

Aston-Beau Marley revealed the tip on the Mrs. Hinch Cleaning Tips and Tricks Facebook group.

She said all you need is some hot water and fabric conditioner.

She posted a snap of her daughter’s dolls with matted and messy hair. But thanks to the nifty hack their hair was quickly transformed and returned to its original silky and smooth condition.

The mum explained that another woman shared the helpful hack with her.

“Thank you so much to the lady who shared her tip on how to detangle and sort out Barbie’s hair. They’re ready for my daughter’s new barbie house now!”

Alongside the post, she shared two photos of her daughter’s dolls.

It’s safe to say the trick worked because the dolls look as good as new.

dolls hair

One woman added, “Fabric conditioner and hot water for hair.

“I used to sell vintage dolls and that’s what we do to fix the hair, dip it in the conditioner and very hot water and comb through.”

Another mum suggested using a detangling brush too.

What we love about this clever hack is just how affordable it is. All of these items can be found at home.