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08th Aug 2023

Stacey Solomon’s fans defend her after trolls body-shame mum-of-five

Stacey Solomon’s followers said the accusations were ‘disrespectful’ and ‘spiteful’

Fans of Stacey Solomon have leaped to her defense after trolls claimed she was pregnant after the mum posted photos from her family holiday.

The mum-of-five recently shared a photo of her wearing a white fitted dress and trolls quickly claimed she was pregnant again because of how her stomach looked.

The post was flooded with nasty comments about Solomon’s shape and how she ‘looked pregnant’ but her followers quickly defended her.

Many agreed that speculating about pregnancy is not only rude but incredibly disrespectful.

One said: “People asking if she is pregnant is so incredibly rude and insulting! People have no respect.”

Another added: “I would hate to be in the limelight. Remember jealousy is an evil emotion. I think a lot of people should start looking at themselves before making nasty, spiteful comments to people they’ve never even met.


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One shared: “Why is it when a celeb or someone in the public eye posts a pic with a little tum do you all instantly go “Omg is that a baby bump?” If I posted a pic and made it public would I have strangers commenting the same on mine….. NO! So why do it to Stacey?

Another stressed:  “I get asked all the time if I’m pregnant again. I have a condition where my muscles are damaged due to 3 pregnancies. People need to be more tactful.”

Commenting on someone’s body in a negative way is so pointless and cruel. Women, famous or not, should be able to post photos without their bodies being ridiculed.

Even if Stacey is pregnant again, it’s her own business and people have no right to speculate about something so sensitive.

Stacey praised her fans for being so thoughtful. She ignored the hateful remarks and thanked them for being so kind. “These comments are so lovely! Sending sunshine to you all.”