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17th Aug 2023

These are the top 20 baby names inspired by the 1990s

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The Barbie movie is now influencing baby name trends – and we’re here for it!

Baby names inspired by the ’90s are on the rise thanks to the Barbie movie. Parents are seeking inspiration from the decade of Spice Girls and Britney when it comes to naming their kids and some of the monikers are actually pretty sweet.

We’ve gathered up our top 20 names inspired by the 1990s that are bound to rise in popularity this year. American-style names like Dylan and Cody were super popular in the ’90s and we can see them making a comeback.

Tiffany, Winona, and Rachel were also hugely popular back in the ’90s, but could they replace names like Mia and Grace in the baby names charts? We think so.

You can check out our top 20 baby names inspired by the 1990s below. Let us know what your favourite name is over on Instagram.

  1. Samantha
  2. Tiffany
  3. Chelsea
  4. Abigail
  5. Kelly
  6. Winona
  7. Barbie
  8. Jade
  9. Rachel
  10. Kendall
  11. Daniel
  12. Tyler
  13. Brandon
  14. Ryan
  15. Zachary
  16. Justin
  17. Jordon
  18. Kyle
  19. Cody
  20. Dylan
  21. Benjamin
  22. Christian
  23. Nathan
  24. Jesse