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17th Nov 2022

This is the correct date you should be putting up the Christmas tree


Have you put your Christmas tree up yet?

For the most fiercely festive households, Christmas trees are already making their annual return, setting the tone for the next two months of festive feels.

Some are getting the trees out of the box in the attic, while others hold out for a real one, dreaming of filling their homes with that pine-y scent once more.

But – how soon is too soon?

We caught up with party decoration supplier, Ginger Ray, and Mark Rofe, owner of,  to get their take on exactly when we should, and definitely shouldn’t, be putting our Christmas trees up.

“Traditionally Christmas trees should be put up on either the 28th of November, 13th of December, or on Christmas Eve,” Rofe explains.

“However, since the creation of artificial trees, and newer varieties of real Christmas trees that last longer, people have been putting up their Christmas trees much earlier.”

He continues: “When Christmas trees first came into use in the Victorian era, many people chose to wait, to ensure that their Christmas decorations would be as beautiful as possible for Christmas Day – but it seems today people aren’t too concerned about this factor.”

Have you put your Christmas tree up yet? When do you usually start decorating for the holidays?