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15th May 2017

Room to improve: 5 fast steps to an organised kitchen

Sophie White

“Organised” is not a word I can relate to. 

However I do strive towards achieving it every day. My good intentions start when, each night, I set my morning alarm half an hour early and ends when, fumbling, I hit the snooze button each morning. You could say that I am verging on organised for those sixish (broken) hours of sleep. The hours when my cohabitants and I are unconscious and therefore not wrecking the place.

Oh but I want to be organised…

5 Fast Steps to an Organised Kitchen

Step 1: Access in the fridge

Using a wire or folding shelf makes better use of those taller spaces in the fridge, while a turning wheel gives easy access to the condiments that would otherwise languish in the back there until they started to grow penicillin.


Via Martha Stewart

Step 2: Storage containers

Boxes and jars don’t have to be a major investment reuse old food containers and jars and label them accordingly. If you are making the investment there’s so many attractive and cheap options.


Via House of Smiths

Step 3: Baking press conversion chart

Well this is totally genius. Convert the baking press door into a one-stop shop for all your baking queries. I’d include an oven temperatures chart and a metric to imperial conversion chart to cover all bases.


Via Infarrantly Creative

Step 4: Tension rod: The unsung storage hero

With this inexpensive extendible rod, you can customise kitchen storage by creating dividers inside presses or shelves for chopping boards or plates for easier access. The tension rod also makes a handy rail for under sink storage.


L-R: Via A Thousand Words; Via Martha Stewart

Step 5: Hang pots and utensils

Hanging pots and utensils can look really attractive in a kitchen. We all have pristine, copper pots in graduated sizes lying around, right?

kitchen four

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