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21st Nov 2023

Here’s why bed sheets should be changed every week during the winter months

The debate over how often you should wash your bed sheets is long-standing.

Some may argue it should be every fortnight, while others may be more set on weekly washes, or even monthly ones.

However, during the colder months, when we’re all more susceptible to colds and flu, one expert has urged that it should in fact be made a weekly chore.

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Dr Hana Patel, a resident sleep expert at Time4Sleep, explained to The Irish Sun that doing so may help combat a stuffy nose.

“Though it may seem like a no-brainer, you’d be surprised at how many people don’t change their sheets on a weekly basis!” Dr Patel says.

“Sleeping in sheets that are covered in dust and dead skin cells will only irritate your nasal pathways further, especially if you’re particularly prone to allergies.”

The battle to keep a stuffy nose at bay, she says, also extends itself from the bedroom to other areas of the house.

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“Staying on top of cleaning in other areas of the house will also help get rid of any pollen or other allergens you may be bringing into the house which could make your blocked nose worse.”

With this in mind, there are a number of other ways you can prevent having poor sleep when under the weather.

This includes maintaining a comfortable temperature as being too hot or cold can impact your slumber more if you have a fever.

“Keeping a fan handy could prevent you from overheating. Likewise if you’re shivery, keep warm with a nice blanket and a hot water bottle.”