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23rd Apr 2022

We’ve found your next hair colour and it’s mushroom blonde

Trine Jensen-Burke

It might not sound too tempting, but mushroom-blonde hair is suddenly on everyone’s radar these days.

If you have been looking to change up your look ahead of the warmer season, Pinterest reckons many of us are about to change our hair colour to this ashy dark blonde tone – and honestly, we can see why.

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“We’ve noticed that those looking to switch up their hair colour are turning to their celebrity favourites for ultimate inspiration,” Tom Spratt, Head of Beauty and Grooming at Pinterest, said to Glamour magazine.

“From the Kardashians to Hailey Bieber, who has gone to the dark side – as the seasons change, the nation’s hair shades are set to change too. In particular, searches for ‘mushroom hair colour’ have grown – a tone which we expect will continue to increase in popularity over the coming months.”

What is mushroom blonde?

In short, mushroom is a sort of an in-between colour – not too blonde, not quite brunette either, but rather somewhere perfectly in-between – ensuring some speak of the shade as ‘bronde’ rather than blonde.

It is ashy, muti-tonal and looks lived in and natural – pretty much everything we want from hair colour, in other words.

“It’s right in between light brown and dark blonde, like an ashier version of bronde,” says Stephanie Brown, master colourist at New York City’s IGK Salon Soho.

“Because it doesn’t really fall into either blonde or brunette, it’s a great shade for blondes looking to dip their toes into the dark side, or for brunettes wanting to go a little lighter.”

According to online beauty bible Byrdie, mushroom blonde is very similar to other ash-blonde hair colours, except it has a touch more grey. The shade also has a focus on the roots of the hair, which are smudged out into a smokey ombré effect.

Going mushroom blonde? Here is what you need to know:

Choosing a Shade: According to colourist Natalie Rotger, skin tone and eye color will help you and your colourist decide which undertones of mushroom brown to pair with your natural colouring.

Maintenance Level: High. This colour can be pretty high maintenance if you’re hyper-focused on it being super ashy at all times,” says Rotger.

“It’s a tone that easily comes out of the hair after a couple of weeks with a gloss.”

Goes Great With: Earthy or bronzy makeup colours; balayage