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27th Jun 2023

Andrew McGinley calls for inquest into his three children’s deaths to be widened

Andrew McGinley has called for the inquest into his three children’s deaths to be widened.

Speaking ahead of the inquest, Andrew McGinley said this inquest is the first step on the “road to understanding”.

The heartbroken father wants the inquest to include his wife, Deirdre Morley’s mental health history. He wants the scope of the inquest to be widened, but the application was challenged by consultant psychiatrist, Olivia Gibbons’ legal representative.

Gibbons had treated Deirdre Morley six months before the children were killed.

McGinley’s lawyers called for Deirdre Morley’s medical care for the two years before their children’s deaths to be included.

According to The Irish Mirror, the inquest was told that McGinley believes there is a link between his wife’s medical care and the murders of their three children.

His lawyers also argued that there is “strong public interest” to extend the scope of the inquest. Coroner Dr. Crona Gallagher has requested written submissions from all parties.

After proceedings were adjourned, Mr. McGinley tweeted: “What I’m seeking sits within the enunciations of the Supreme Court. What I’m seeking will save the lives of children in the future.”

He continued, “To be advised that I can always ‘make a complaint’, we are talking about the murder of my children, not that my soup was cold. A callous comment.”

His followers sent supportive messages and urged him to keep fighting for answers.

“You deserve the full answers you so very much need. Your children also deserve them too,” one wrote.

Another added, “You are within your rights, Andrew, and I hope the coroner’s court makes the right decision. I’m sending you my full support, for what it’s worth.”

“You are trying to change a culture to prevent another family from going through what you have been through,” another shared.

Andrew’s three children, Conor, Darragh, and Carla, were found dead at their Co. Dublin home in January 2020. Their mother, Deirdre Morley, reportedly smothered the three children.

She was found not guilty of their murders by reasons of insanity.