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27th Jun 2023

Eastenders actor James Bye shares rainbow baby’s name following “dramatic” birth

Eastenders star James Bye and his wife Victoria welcomed their first child earlier this month and now, the couple has revealed the adorable name they’ve chosen.

Best known for his role as Martin Fowler on the soap, James also made an impression on Strictly Come Dancing last year.

The couple are already parents to three boys, Edward, Louis and Hugo and have now added Rufus Gray to their family of six.

Sharing photos of their newborn on Monday, Victoria opened up about the “whirlwind” first few weeks of Rufus’ life but said that his brothers are “amazed” by him.

Describing Rufus as their “precious little rainbow” and that he has “completed” the family, Victoria wrote: “You kept us waiting for such a long time little one, but oh wow were you worth the wait. We’re absolutely over the moon, smitten kittens and just head over heels for you.

“Our precious little rainbow… and boy have you brought the sun with you.”

She continued getting honest, revealing the reality of life with a newborn in the house: “It’s safe to say. We’re just in love. This first week has been a whirlwind of you. Remembering all the nappy changes, the yellow poo! The sore boobs and becoming a full-on milk wench.

“The relationships with your brothers, watching them be amazed by you.

“Your tiny toes fitting in their hands, their muddy, sticky kisses all over your face. Bringing woodlice to show you… a sure fire sign you’re one of the gang already.

“And then there’s the quiet time. In the middle of the night, when it feels like we’re the only ones awake… me and you against the world. And I whisper to you… thank you. For being here. For completing us… Not quite believing how I got so lucky… as you look up searching for me in the dark… and let rip with a poonami.”