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28th Apr 2019

Barbie has a surname and we had no idea until right this second

Jade Hayden

Ah, wha?

Chances are if you were ever a child, you played with Barbies.

There were plenty of things that made Barbie fun and also relatable – she had lots of nice clothes to dress up in, she could be anything she wanted to be, and she had an on-and-off-again relationship with Ken who was a lifeguard or police officer or something.

Anyway, another good thing about Barbie was that she was a cultural icon.

And like most cultural icons of our time including Cher, Beyonce, and Kylie, Barbie did not require a last name to be recognised.

… Which was handy enough for her because she didn’t have one anyway, right?


Nah, she did actually, and when we found out what it was we were fairly shook, like.

It’s Roberts.

Barbie’s surname is Roberts.

We know. Harrowing.

This news was broke to us earlier this week when the official Barbie Twitter account shared a photo of Barbie and all her sisters for Siblings Day.

They called them the Roberts sisters… and our world changed forever.

Just what exactly are we supposed to do with this new information?

Barbie has always just been Barbie – no Roberts, no Smith, no O’Sullivan, no nothing.

Plus, Barbie Roberts probably has to be one of the whitest names in existence and we do not approve.

Day ruined.